School Cone Cartoon

Celebrate First Day at School with the Perfect Gift!

Known in Germany as a Schultüte (School Cone), our fun, eye-catching gifts can make your child’s first day at “Big School” really special and memorable.

Measuring 70 cm from top to bottom, and available in a range of popular children’s designs, our Kiddicones are perfect to fill with stationery, books, toys, clothing and treats. We have Unfilled School Cones to create your own bespoke gift, and Filled School Cones which includes specially selected items to compliment our designs.

The matching colourful, netted fabric on the top secures all the contents and can be simply knotted, or beautifully finished off using a personal ribbon.

After the celebration, your Kiddicone or Schultüte will become a treasured keep-sake, which is easily stored, or mounted on your child’s bedroom wall, to always remember their special day.

A perfect gift, made in Germany for Kiddicone, from quality, durable, and hexagonal shaped cardboard.

Kiddicones are popular with Nurseries, Pre-Schools, and Primary Schools across the UK and Ireland. We provide funding to them through the sale of our products. If you would like further information on what we can offer, then please contact: info@kiddicone.com

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